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Sales and Services (Nottingham).

Est' 1980

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I endeavour to offer for sale machinery and accessories that I consider 'in my opinion' to be very good to excellent condition or good value for money considering their age or condition, plus hopefully, some interesting/unusual items. No paintbrush reconditions or digitally enhanced photographs!!!


All machines are located in the village of Kegworth, 0.5mile from J24, M1. Viewing by prior appointment.


 LATHES. (Click picture to enlarge image)

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Mercer BH'1224B'.

(New in) Mercer BH '1224B'  Rare gapbed machine. Built in Taiwan (not mainland China) around 1989/90/91 when excellent quality machines were being produced. Belt head machine for quiet running. Spindle with 40mm bore and D1-4 camlock nose. 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, fixed and travelling steadies, bedstop, dual dials, coolant, TDI, quickchange toolpost with toolholders, std 4 way toolpost, splashguard. 1ph 240 volt. Imported by Mercer Skilled Craft, Cleckheaton, Yorks. Unused for a number of years. Excellent condition. The perfect lathe for motorcycle and car restorers. £1,750.00

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Myford 'ML7'.

(New in) Myford 'ML7'. Fitted with Newton Tesla CL400 VF inverter drive. 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, driveplate, fixed and travelling steadies, zero setting dials, leadscrew handwheel, drill chuck, centres, Instruction Manual. £1,150.00

(Due in) Myford 'ML7BC'. £due in.

IMG_4782.JPG (234172 bytes)  IMG_4794.JPG (170425 bytes)  IMG_4803.JPG (209559 bytes)

Boxford 'BUD' Mk3.

Boxford 'BUD' Mk3. 5" centre height (10" swing), 22" between centres. Fitted with Brush 1ph to 3ph VF inverter drive. SOLD.


IMG_4539.JPG (207779 bytes)

  Colchester 'Bantam 1600'. (As arrived picture).

(New in) Colchester 'Bantam'1964 imperial machine, University owned from new. 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, driveplate, drawbar, collets and nose piece,  fixed and travelling steadies, multi position longtitudinal bedstop, multi position crosslide stop, centres, drill chuck, coolant.  £2,450.00 when ready. (Motor change plus inverter drive being fitted).

IMG_4540.JPG (183260 bytes)

Harrison 'M250'. (As arrived picture).

Harrison 'M250'.  1998 metric machine, University owned from new. 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, driveplate, Q/C toolpost with toolholders, headstock bush, centres, thread dial indicator, optional changegears, 2000rpm machine, dual voltage 3ph motor, coolant. SOLD.

058A (6).JPG (224588 bytes)

Myford 'Speed 10'. (As arrived picture).

Myford 'Speed 10'.  (Longbed 18" between centres). Metric machine mounted on Myford cabinet stand. 3 and 4 jaw chuck, faceplate/driveplate, leadscrew clutch, leadscrew handwheel, thread dial indicator, screwcutting changegears, drill chuck, live centre, dead centres. Manual. £850.00


058A (1).JPG (217719 bytes)

Myford 'Super 7B' (As arrived picture).

Myford 'Super 7B' (Green, power crossfeed with hardened bed)  Mounted on Myford cabinet stand with deep tray and raising blocks. 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, driveplate, screwcutting gearbox, clutch, Quickchange and standard tooposts, leadscrew handwheel, thread dial indicator, drill chuck, centres, Manual. This is a late, one 'Model Engineer' owner from new machine " in superb condition". SOLD.

058A (11).JPG (204108 bytes)

Myford ML7RBC. (As arrived picture).

Myford ML7RBC. (Green). Mounted on Myford cabinet stand with deep tray and raising blocks. 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, faceplate, driveplate, screwcutting gearbox, clutch, Quickchange and standard toolposts, long crosslide, leadscrew handwheel, thread dial indicator, drill chuck, centres, Manual. This lathe is fitted with the Newton Tesla 'CL750' variable speed drive system. One 'Model Engineer' owner from new. Excellent condition. £3,250.00


017A (1).JPG (204693 bytes)

Harrison 'M250'. (As arrived picture).

Harrison M250.  30" between centres. 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, driveplate, Q/C toolpost, headstock bush, centres, lovo light, coolant. 3ph dual voltage brake motor. Metric. SOLD.

Cazeneuve.JPG (209902 bytes)  Cazeneuve 360.JPG (201965 bytes)

Cazeneuve '360HBX'.

Cazeneuve '360HBX'.  SOLD.

ML7CA.JPG (223268 bytes)  ML7C.JPG (217165 bytes)

  Myford 'ML7C'. 

Myford 'ML7C'.  Fitted with countershaft clutch. Pratt Burnerd 3 jaw 'Grip-Tru' chuck, Pratt Burnerd 4 jaw chuck, faceplate, driveplate, thread dial indicator, leadscrew handwheel, screwcutting changegears, drill chuck, centres, set of Myford carbide lathe tools, Instruction/Parts Manual. Late one owner machine. Unused for a number of years. SOLD.

Millers/shapers/Borers/Grinders. (Click picture to enlarge image)

(Due in) Warco 'PF-25' Mill/Drill.  £due in.

(Due in) Sieg 'X3' Bench Mill.  £due in.

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  Dore Westbury 'Mk2'.  

(New in) Dore Westbury 'Mk2'. Long column, 10 speeds, bi directional powerfeed to table. Accessories: collet chuck and collets, vice, DW rotary table, DW angle plate, DW adjustable angle plate. 1ph 240 volt. £850.00

IMG_4875.JPG (208371 bytes)  IMG_4876.JPG (193371 bytes)

 Myford 'VMC' Turret Mill.

(New in) Myford 'VMC' Turret Mill.  R8 quill spindle, vice, collets, 1ph 240 volt. £1,250.00

IMG_4880.JPG (223252 bytes)  IMG_4879.JPG (231371 bytes)

Bridgeport 'BR2J2' 2HP.

Bridgeport 'BR2J2' 2HP. 42" x 9" table. Powerfeeds fitted to both X and Z axis. Heidenhain 2 axis DRO. This machine was removed from a private workshop, is in excellent condition and runs from a 13amp socket via a 1ph to 3ph inverter drive. The mill was fully rebuilt by Braithwaite Machine Tools in 2000 prior to being installed. SOLD.


058A (7).JPG (206417 bytes)

  Myford 'VM-B' Mk2 Vari-Speed. (As arrived picture).

Myford 'VM-B' Mk2 Vari-Speed.  Late machine mounted on Myford cabinet stand with variable speed drive. R8 quill spindle, collet cuck, collets, vice.  SOLD.

Kearns s typeA.JPG (213353 bytes)  Kearns (2).JPG (181195 bytes)  Kearns (4).JPG (151486 bytes)

Kearns 'S' Type Horizontal Borer.

Kearns 'S' Type Horizontal Borer.  With facing head, DRO, chuck, toolholders. Ex' University. 3ph. SOLD.

   elliott00.JPG (222126 bytes)

Elliott 'Junior Omnimill'.

Elliott 'Junior Omnimill'. Horizontal/vertical. 28" x 7" table with powerfeed. 30int' horizontal spindle with overarm, end support and milling arbor. Swivelling vertical attachment with 3mt quill spindle. Imperial, 3ph machines.  SOLD.


bb.JPG (146639 bytes)

Emco 'Mentor' Mill.

Emco 'Mentor' Mill. Mounted on makers cabinet stand. 6 speed swivel head with 2MT quill spindle. 1ph 240 volt. One private owner from new. £1,450.00

aa.JPG (149027 bytes)

Emco 'FB2'.

Emco 'FB2'. Mounted on makers cabinet stand. 6 speed swivel head with 2MT quill spindle. Bi-directional powerfeed to table. 3ph electrics. One private owner from new. £1,850.00

etype.JPG (248006 bytes) etype1.JPG (236778 bytes) etype2.JPG (219791 bytes) etype3.JPG (239355 bytes)

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Tom Senior 'E Type'. 

Tom Senior 'E Type'.  Swivel base vice, Clarkson collet chuck with collets, drill chuck. Pristine 'as new' condition. Mounted on purpose built rigid stand. One (very particular) model engineer owner from new. SOLD.

rod1.JPG (230001 bytes)  rod2.JPG (239210 bytes)  rod.JPG (230973 bytes)

  Rodney 'Plus' Milling Machine.

Rodney 'Plus' Milling Machine. Mounted on makers cabinet stand. Table 15" x 41/4". Rise and fall head with 2MT quill spindle with drawbar and Myford nose thread. Manual finefeed to quill. 8 speeds 320 to 2750rpm, vice and nose piece.1ph 240 volt.  SOLD.

m1.JPG (218499 bytes)

Hauser 'M1' Jig Borer. 

Hauser 'M1' Jig Borer.  Ex' University. 'Excellent'. SOLD.

Various including Woodworking, Fabrication ETC.

(Click picture to enlarge image)

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(New in) J. Sanders  Bandsaw. 41/2" x 6" capacity. 1ph 240 volt. £145.00

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Warco 3 in 1.

(New in) Warco 3 in 1. Rolls, folder, guillotine. 300mm capacity. SOLD.

IMG_4878.JPG (192310 bytes)  IMG_4877.JPG (192860 bytes)

Fobco 'Star' Bench Drill.

(New in) Fobco 'Star' Bench Drill. SOLD.

IMG_4627.JPG (202872 bytes) IMG_4630.JPG (167907 bytes) IMG_4629.JPG (173950 bytes)

Pollard Corona Model '210B'.

Pollard Corona Model '210B'. 3MT quill spindle with forward and reverse, geared head, 9 spindle speeds 56 to 1,265rpm, powerfeed to quill, auto knockoff, 'tee' slotted compound (X-Y) table. Ex' University. SOLD.

IMG_4536.JPG (208396 bytes)

Elliott 'Progress 2G' Bench Drill.

(New in) Elliott 'Progress 2G' Bench Drill. 2MT spindle, back geared (high/low) head giving 10 speeds 36 to 2570rpm. Ex' University, 3ph. SOLD.

IMG_4537.JPG (213423 bytes)

Rex Power Hacksaw.

(New in) Rex Power Hacksaw. 6" capacity, Ex' University. £575.00

ax dust.JPG (174233 bytes)

Axminster cabinets with dust extraction.

(New in)  Axminster cabinets with dust extraction.  Very sturdy steel cabinets with built in dust extraction. 16" x 17" x 26". 1ph 240 vollt. £95.00 each. (Originally had 12" disc sanders on but college decided to bench mount them).

alpine1.JPG (201310 bytes)

Alpine Bandsaw.

(New in)  Alpine Bandsaw.  21" throat. 1ph 240 volt. £325.00


tennon.JPG (211301 bytes)

Multico TM3 Tenoner.

Multico TM3 Tenoner. With some tooling. 3ph. £1,450.00

saw1.JPG (204502 bytes)

Manchester 'Rapidor' 6"Power Hackksaw.

Manchester 'Rapidor' 6"Power Hackksaw. 6" capacity. Geared motor drive, 3ph. £220.00

drill2.JPG (236878 bytes)

Denford 'Viceroy' Bench Drill.

Denford 'Viceroy' Bench Drill. Heavy duty 'British made' bench drill. 4 speeds, 2MT quill spindle, rackfeed rise and fall tilting table. 3ph. £240.00

IMG_2579.jpg (191607 bytes)

Taylor Hobson 'D Type' Engraver.

Taylor Hobson 'D Type' Engraver.  Genuine OEM 1ph 240 volt machine with equipment. £375.00.


ACCESSORIES/TOOLING. (Click picture to enlarge image)

For Myford Machines.

vsfa.JPG (126660 bytes)  IMG_2416.jpg (48963 bytes)  254 tdi.JPG (99713 bytes)  myf div hd.JPG (140272 bytes)    IMG_4374.JPG (77490 bytes)

  IMG_4373.JPG (120605 bytes)  IMG_4375.JPG (93697 bytes)  IMG_4376.JPG (84270 bytes)  IMG_4377.JPG (119763 bytes)    

IMG_4380.JPG (87479 bytes)  IMG_4381.JPG (89880 bytes)    IMG_4384.JPG (155655 bytes)  


For other machines.

new (1).JPG (111332 bytes)   AJ3.JPG (97133 bytes)  AJ3A.JPG (102864 bytes)  stop.JPG (121998 bytes)    

  raglan cp1.JPG (110223 bytes)  006.JPG (136600 bytes)  015.JPG (109274 bytes)  raglan fp.JPG (111438 bytes)

L0GP (2).JPG (138311 bytes)  al2.JPG (112365 bytes)  TS ts1.JPG (92464 bytes)      




IMG_4350 copy.JPG (126147 bytes)

Matrix Compound Sine Table.

(New in) Matrix Compound Sine Table. 220mm dia'. 'EXCELLENT'. £450.00


IMG_1939.jpg (110602 bytes)

Deckel Slotting Attachment.

Deckel Slotting Attachment.  (Swiss dealer tells me its Deckel) Looks to be unused. £750.00


IMG_1014.jpg (135949 bytes)

NOS Myford Super 7 & ML7 Tailstocks

Myford Super 7 & ML7 Tailstocks from my reconditioning days in the 90's. Some paintchips. Genuine Myford (Beeston) parts. 

Align 'Zytel' Driven Gear.

Align Powerfeed Unit 'Zytel' driven gear.  £35.00. ea inc' p&p (UK Mainland).

Trade Sales. 'Trade Sales' are sold 'FOR SPARES OR REPAIR'. Please see note (3) at the bottom of this page.

(Click picture to enlarge image)

IMG_4886.JPG (179439 bytes)

Dore Westbury 'Mk1'.

(New in) Dore Westbury 'Mk1'.  £425.00

IMG_4617.JPG (211143 bytes) IMG_4618.JPG (200306 bytes) IMG_4620.JPG (176510 bytes)

IMG_4621.JPG (184150 bytes) IMG_4622.JPG (189860 bytes) IMG_4624.JPG (186701 bytes)

IMG_4625.JPG (197787 bytes) IMG_4626.JPG (175428 bytes) IMG_4623.JPG (185616 bytes)

Myford 'Super 7' Lathe.

(New in) Myford 'Super 7' Lathe. (Power crossfeed S/No. SK154353). Not used for approx 20 years. Underneath the dirt and grime is a little used machine. £1,150.00


IMG_4363.JPG (206292 bytes)  IMG_4364.JPG (191243 bytes)

George Thomas Versatils Dividing Head.

(New in) George Thomas Versatils Dividing Head.  £275.00

Clearance/Clearout Items.

Qty of Loco' Drawings:   31/2" Doris, 5" Hunslet, 5" 'P' Class Contractors Loco' (Sweet Pea), 31/2" Mountaineer,  £20.00 ea plus p&p.

CES Gear Hobbing Machine (Jacobs) Drawings. £15.00 plus p&p.

IMG_4816.JPG (177780 bytes)

Centec '2B' Base.

Centec '2B' Base c/w motor and switchgear (3ph).






All types of machinery and accessories, big or small, metal, wood, fabrication, single items or complete workshops especially:

Quality toolroom machines.

Myford '254' lathes.

Myford 'Super 7B' lathes.

Myford 'Bigbore' lathes.

Myford 'ML7B', 'ML7BT', 'ML7C'. lathes.

Boxford 'AUD', 'VSL', 'STS', 'TR', 'Industial' lathes.

Colchester/Harrison lathes.

Myford Millers.

Tom Senior Millers.

Vertical millers with sliding quill spindles.

Fobco Drills.

Swiss/German machinery.

Anything interesting from a pin to a battleship!


1)  Deposits: We do not take deposits. All goods to be paid for in full at the time of purchase please. All prices are 'ex' works'.

2)  Inspection:The goods shall be open to inspection before any offer to purchase is made and the Purchaser shall be deemed to have inspected them. Should he purchase without previous inspection he shall do so at his own risk.

3)  Trade Sales: These are items which may be incomplete, faulty, well used or require more work than we are willing to do eg: cleaning, painting etc. This section also includes item which are 'scratch built' or made from a kit of parts. Buyers are deemed to have inspected the goods prior to purchase and are therefore fully aware that they are being sold for spares or repair at the buyers risk.

4)  Collection/Delivery:  Purchases can be collected by appointment.  A 10 ton cap' overhead crane is available onsite. Items can be  loading onto a suitable vehicle/trailer (at buyers risk). Offload only pallet delivery can be arranged (at buyers risk) for machines that can be safely fixed to a pallet, max' size 1200mm x 1000mm. Items that can be fixed to a pallet but exceed 1200mm ie: overhang the pallet will be charged at 2 x pallet cost. You will need to have offload facilities (forklift etc) or we can request a tailift delivery. Please remember this is offload delivery only, not installation. To obtain a pallet delivery quote we need your Postcode plus any information that may restrict the size of the delivery vehicle eg: Cul de sac, narrow access etc. Delivery by crane lorry (UK Mainland) is available, again this is vehicle offload only, not installation. We will require your Postcode to quote.

Vehicle deliveries are under the 'RHA Goods in Transit' compensation scheme which is £1,300.00 per tonne (£1.30p per kilo). If you require a quote to insure for more than this amount please ask.

Deliveries made by courier carry compensation from £0.00 to £50.00. depending on individual Courier company policy. If you require a quote for higher compensation please ask.

5) Terms & Conditions:  Quillstar Terms & Conditions apply. Copy available by Post or  Email.




Yamaha TD2 cylinder heads.

Road Racing Motorcycles. Genuine 'factory supplied' complete bikes or parts.  Any age, size or manufacturer eg:

Yamaha TD/TR/TA series.

Suzuki TR/RG.

Honda CR/RS.


etc, etc, etc.

If your unsure of what you have just send me a picture.